We are the TEENHEALTHNOW team.


The TEENHEALTHNOW team focuses on helping teenagers improve their physical condition. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, they perceived that teenagers were forced to stay indoors, leading to minimal physical activity.  The TEENHEALTHNOW team became ambitious to help teenagers become more healthy, therefore, creating the TEENHEALTHNOW app. 


Meet the Executive Team...

Krish Patel

Founder and Director of TEENHEALTHNOW

Krish Patel is a 16-year-old junior from New Jersey, a board game developer for the disadvantaged, an advocate for nutrition and health for teens, and a medical researcher. He is the founder and director of TEENHEALTHNOW, an app that promotes a healthy lifestyle for teens through various types of physical activity, workout routines, nutritional interviews, and video recipes focused on a healthier diet. His inspiration is to help teenagers become healthier during the pandemic—a time of reportedly less physical activity. He is also the founder of Assess Your Success, a platform in which users can learn about the experiences, obstacles, and risks to which people at the top of their industries attribute their success. With a dream of a medical future, Krish participated in the Help Jamaica Medical Mission and the Help Guyana Medical Mission and is working to assist those in his generation to become the healthiest and most successful people they can become.

Arjun Dave

Director of Marketing

Arjun Dave is a 16-year-old junior from New Jersey and is interested in boosting the engagement and outreach of TEENHEALTHNOW. He is passionate about helping teens improve their health and overall wellbeing. In his free time, Arjun enjoys creating artwork, playing sports, and hanging out with friends.

Vamsi Murali

Editorial Director of TEENHEALTHNOW Newsletter

Vamsi Murali is a 16-year-old junior from New Jersey. He sincerely believes in the effects a bad mental and physical health can have on one's livelihood. Therefore, he publishes articles in the TEENHEALTHNOW newsletter about nutrition and health to help spread awareness to teens across the world. Vamsi aspires to become an artificial intelligence developer in the future to help the world become a simpler and safer place by hopefully creating algorithms that detect and solve daily problems.


Meet the TEENHEALTHNOW Editorial



The TEENHEALTHNOW Editorial board focuses on the task of informing individuals about the latest news on health and nutrition. The members of the TEENHEALTHNOW Editorial board encourage teenagers to have a greater amount of knowledge about these topics to help them become healthier physically and mentally.


Meet the board...

Krish Patel


Vamsi Murali

Editorial Director

Ram Gadhamsetty

Writer for TEENHEALTNOW Newsletter

Ram Gadhamsetty is a 16-year-old junior from New Jersey. He is interested in promoting positive mental health and helping others understand the importance of nutrition. As a result, he helps to write for TEENHEALTHNOW and aspires to have a lasting impact on the current society. Additionally, Ram enjoys participating in STEM activities and playing sports with his friends.

Anbini Ganesh

Writer for TEENHEALTHNOW Newsletter

Anbini is a sophomore at Lakeside School, Seattle. She is a writer, baker, entrepreneur and photo journalist who is currently working on a photo book highlighting the struggles of the current generation, as well as an app to connect homeless shelters across the country to her nonprofit. She has been awarded over 4 regional Scholastic Awards for her writing and photography and has been published over 7 times in Lakeside’s Literary and Art magazine, IMAGO, for her writing and photography. As the CEO and Founder of Love and Sweet Bakery, a registered nonprofit, Anbini assists diverse communities through meal donations to homeless shelters, online sales, and fundraisers with the help of her multicultural, multi-religious team. For the future, Anbini is interested in studying finance and law, but wants to start by following her curiosity in business and social entrepreneurship.  future, Anbini is interested in studying finance and law, but wants to start by following her curiosity in business and social entrepreneurship. 

James Manning

Writer for TEENHEALTHNOW Newsletter

James is a 15-year-old sophomore from Fort Mill, South Carolina. He is a member of the National Honors Society for High School Scholars, a Congress of Future Medical Leaders Alumni, and a member of the Society of Torch & Laurel. He publishes articles in the TEENHEALTHNOW newsletter because he wants to help other teens learn how to be healthy and stay healthy. In the future, James aspires to be a general surgeon. He is fascinated with the medical field, and will do everything in his power to get there. In his free time he likes to read, write, and run. 

Malaq Ali

Writer for TEENHEALTHNOW Newsletter

Malaq Ali is a junior at California HS, a student of diplomacy and legal studies, and a dedicated social entrepreneur. She is the founder of the food blog and website, WhippingUpTheWorld, where she posts recipes from cultures worldwide. She also founded and directs SheBuildsEgypt, an inter-active tech education organization teaching robotics to STEM to girls in Egypt and presents speakers on computer science, engineering, and robotics to bridge the STEM learning gap in the Middle East. Malaq was also selected for Harvard’s Undergrad International Relations Scholar Program and Ambassador Position, led research for selected MENA groups, and directs fundraising for Egyptian hospitals through IYC.

Alex Gerken

Writer for TEENHEALTHNOW Newsletter

Alex Gerken is a 16-year-old Junior from Missouri. Throughout his life, he’s been working for community projects such as animal shelters and local food banks. Now, he wants to broaden the spectrum of those who he can help. TeenHealthNow is the means through which he will accomplish this. Focusing on nutrition and general dieting, join Alex as he dives through the tough topics such as the obesity epidemic in the United States, what to and what not to eat, and general nutrition tips that could improve your own diet.

Randy Alarcon Cuervas

Writer for TEENHEALTHNOW Newsletter

"As of 11/21, Randy's currently a 16-year-old Junior from the Village of Rio, Wisconsin. After his life took a detour during the summer of 2020, he had to take a look at his future and what he wanted to achieve. As a result, he's been working to find ways to create a positive impact on humanity. One of these ways is writing and publishing articles for the TeenHealthNow newsletter, whilst also trying to spread awareness of the TEENHEALTHNOW application in his community, because the health of the future generation is pretty much determines the health for humanity as a whole. For the future, Randy dreams of becoming a medical scientist, and one day creating a positive impact on the medical industry.  In his spare time he's also a reader, bassist, researcher, and caretaker of his two younger siblings and seven pets."

Ashlynn Brooks

Writer for TEENHEALTHNOW Newsletter

Ashlynn Brooks is a Junior in High school, living in the Dallas, Texas area. She volunteers in communities throughout South Dallas with organizations such as Bonton, passing out food and day-to-day necessities to citizens, and Hidalgo Ministries, playing games with children and teaching small groups. For fun, she has Participated in numerous chorale performances at esteemed establishments such as the Eismann Performance Center in Addison, Texas. Ashlynn is also a self-employed tutor and assists children in grades 2nd and 3rd, once weekly during the school year. Ashlynn served as Executive Assistant to The Director of Richardson YMCA Youth and Government and helped organize the entire Richardson YMCA Youth and Government program for a season. This past summer, Ashlynn was a summer camp counselor for 12+ kindergarten through 3rd grade girls, mentoring them about self-respect, and how to grow spiritually in their faith. Ashlynn is involved in the Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists, Future Doctors of America Program, S.T.E.M. Honors Program, Children’s Chorus of Collin County, Track and Field, and High School Spirit Cheerleading. Ashlynn has been awarded the PHI THETA KAPPA Honors Award, HSAA Track and Field Outstanding Athlete Award, and Chick-fil-A Leadership Academy Scholar. Ashlynn’s future aspirations are to become a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon, and Child Psychologist. Brooks plans to achieve this goal by inspiring and uplifting each future patient to chase their health goals through positivity and excellent health care.

Sofia Singh

Writer for TEENHEALTHNOW Newsletter

Hi, my name is Sofia Singh and I am a middle schooler in New Jersey. I am a writer, book reader, and dog lover.

Sudeep Vattikuti

Writer for TEENHEALTHNOW Newsletter

Sudeep Vattikuti is a 15 year old sophomore from Peoria, Arizona. He enjoys helping his community through volunteering at hospices and food banks, as well as tutoring younger students. His favorite hobby is to play the piano, which he has done for nine years. He has been involved in Tri-M as its social media coordinator and historian, and is a Congress of Future Medical Leaders alumni. He joined TEENHEALTHNOW to use his love for writing as a tool to inform other teens of the importance of staying healthy. Inspired by his mother, Sudeep wishes to be an endocrinologist. During his free time, he enjoys playing video games, playing basketball, and writing. 

Daniella Bonomo

Writer for TEENHEALTHNOW Newsletter

Daniella Bonomo is a junior at Florida Virtual Full-Time Highschool. She is the founder/director of V4Green, a non-profit organization with a mission to spread awareness about how people can become more environmentally supportive and creating an inclusive, equal community. She is a member of the National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, a Congress of Future Medical Leaders Alumni, and the Society of Torch & Laurel. Daniella is a level 10 gymnast with rewarding credentials as she competes nationally. She is passionate about the environment and human rights, her plans are to bring awareness to current climate issues and what people can do to minimize their carbon footprint. Daniella plans on pursuing medical school and joining the field of Dermatology.

Megan Curto

Writer for TEENHEALTHNOW Newsletter

Megan Curto is a 16 year old from Alamosa, Colorado. She publishes articles in TeenHealthNow in order to advocate for teens mental and physical health. She is a member of the National Honors Society, the Society of Torch & Laurel, an alumni of the Congress of Future Medical Leaders, a part of the Accessible Science team, and a mental health advocate through the Colorado Education Initiative’s Youth Roots program. She is pursuing her Laureate certification for Science Research Writing. She aspires to be a woman in STEM.

Annie Dong

Writer for TEENHEALTHNOW Newsletter

Hi, my name is Annie Dong and I’m a 17 year old senior from Townsend Harris High School from New York. I love to cook and bake in my free time and would like to use the Teenhealth now platform to share tips and tricks to help people gain more confidence in the kitchen. Feel free to hit me up if you want any restaurant recommendations in NYC as I enjoy to explore and taste my way through the city. I aspire to become a pediatrician in the future and make a difference combining my love for children and medicine. 

Enow Tanyi

Writer for TEENHEALTHNOW Newsletter

Enow Tanyi is a 16 year old junior from Texas. With inspiration from his parents, he too wants to work in the medical field and plans on becoming a biomedical engineer. He volunteers with 1000 Hills Ministries, serving food to the homeless. He is a captain of the Elkins Speech and Debate Club and an alumni of the Congress of Future Medical Leaders. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, video games, and playing the Djembe.

Aderinola Adegoke

Writer for TEENHEALTHNOW Newsletter

Aderinola Adegoke (Aderi) is a 15-year-old Junior from Hillside, New Jersey. She publishes articles in Teen HealthNow to encourage others to exercise regularly in order to boost their overall health.  She is a member of The Society of Torch & Laurel, an alumnus of the Congress of Future Medical Leaders, and a basic life support provider. She aspires to be a neurosurgeon or a cardiothoracic surgeon. Her hobbies include reading fantasy romance novels as well as listening to music.

Lewa Omotoso

Writer for TEENHEALTHNOW Newsletter

Lewa Omotoso is a 15 year old junior from London, UK, but currently resides in Dallas, Texas with her parents and siblings. Lewa has authored and published her first novel, Me, My Pen, and I, at 14 years old and continues to express her love of writing in various areas. She is active in giving back to her community, as well as taking up leadership roles in her local public library. As of this year, Lewa was appointed Vice President of Library Youth Ambassadors of Arlington after serving as the facilitator. She is a part of many organizations and honor societies such as, National Honor Society, Society of Torch and Laurel, Health Occupations Students of America, Model United Nations, Junior World Affairs Council, and a Congress of Future Medical Leaders alumni. Lewa is a proud recipient of the Global Young Leadership Award from Junior World Affairs Council, Model United Nations Award for Diplomacy and Excellence, and a competitor in Track and Field at state level. She loves to play her saxophone and piano as well as cook, dance, and create spoken word poems. As a passionate researcher for children and teens’ neurological development and mental health, she aspires to become a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist or a Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician in the future.

Aneri Amara

Writer for TEENHEALTHNOW Newsletter

Aneri is a 15 year old sophomore from Vernon Hills, Illinois. She helps build a Gujarati language curriculum that will be used Nationwide, and is passionate about helping others learn their native language. She is the President of ISA in school, and volunteers at an old age home. She enjoys playing the piano, and reading in her free time. She joined TEENHEALTHNOW to encourage others to exercise regularly by publishing articles of its benefits. Aneri wishes to be an orthodontist in the future.

Andrew Yang

Writer for TEENHEALTHNOW Newsletter

Andrew Yang is a junior at Enloe High School in Raleigh, NC. He aspires to do medical research in order to improve the lives of those with chronic conditions. He is the founder and director of ActivKids.org, a newsletter and workshop for the Triangle Region that empowers kids with the knowledge to lead a healthy life. Andrew is a passionate weightlifter and devotes energy to exercise as an homage to close family members who suffer from heart diseases and to undo the harm of his generation’s sedentary lifestyles.

Calder de Vere White

Writer for TEENHEALTHNOW Newsletter

Honors student at Seattle prep, working towards certification in digital marketing. Calder is an ardent weightlifter, and defensive midfielder on the True Lacrosse team located in Lake Tye park, Washington.

Vidharthi Jagadish Kumar

Writer for TEENHEALTHNOW Newsletter

Vidharthi Jagadish Kumar is a 16-year-old junior at Tocoi Creek High School in St. Augustine, Florida. She is the Florida Chapter president of Gold Bear Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps the economically challenged. Its mission is to help people lead a better life through donations and fundraisers. She is the co-president of HOSA at Tocoi Creek High School and helps to lead the nationally known club. She is a part of the Science National Honors Society and has done classical dance for 8 years. In the future, she wants to be a medical professional and help people living in underprivileged countries through free camps. She also wishes to do neurological research. With an intention of helping people have better, healthier lives, she is joining TEENHEALTHNOW by contributing to the newsletter. In her free time, you can find her reading, baking, and dancing.

Avery San Filippo

Writer for TEENHEALTHNOW Newsletter

Avery San Filippo is a 16 year old artist who attends Rutgers Preparatory School. She enjoys photography, digital and traditional art as well as other creative activities. Avery has a deep interest in science as well as human anatomy which she hopes to incorporate with her love of art by making anatomical drawings in the future. She is additionally interested in how various stimuli affect the human body and how to keep an individual from succumbing to ill health. She hopes to further embrace and nurture her love and passion for science and art as well as continue to use it to help others and bring positivity to the world.