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During the pandemic, with students locked inside, and spirits low, the first thing to go aside from social connection was the desire to keep our bodies healthy. There was a lot of snacking, and sitting, and general malaise instead of exercising, weight training, or healthy eating. And when teens don't concentrate on their health, they lose power, both mentally and physically. 
I decided to create TEENHEALTHNOW to empower teens and create an anti-fragile generation because this is not the last pandemic or crisis we will face in our lifetimes. 
TEENHEALTHNOW incorporates a nutritional guidebook, app, and website by teens and for teens only. 
The app features nutritional interviews with respected celebrity nutritionists such as Dr. Matea Polisoto and Robin Lynch, exercise routines by popular gym owners, and daily inspirational quotes to keep us moving.  
And here’s the awesome part: Once users reach 100 hours of workout on the app, they will receive a certificate signed by John Te and Robbie Stahl, experts in the fields of nutrition and health. The app is gamified to resonate with the “competitor” in you.
  • 0 to 10 Hours : Beginner Level
  • 10 to 25 Hours : Advanced Level
  • 25 to 50 Hours : Expert Level
  • 50 to 100 Hours : Overachiever Level
  • 100 Hours to 1000 Hours : Master Level
  • 1000 Hours+ : Olympian Level
The website is the home of TEENHEALTHNOW featuring a nutritional guidebook on a variety of well-known diets, workouts focused on different body zones, and a TEENHEALTHNOW newsletter which aggregates and recaps the latest news on health and nutrition.

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Why should you download the TEENHEALTHNOW app?

6 Reasons for downloading the TEENHEALTHNOW app...


The TEENHEALTHNOW app will encourage you to work out through several choices of activities and additional workout videos.


The TEENHEALTHNOW app consists of many nutritional interviews, recipes, and cooking videos.


The TEENHEALTHNOW app sends a daily notification with an inspirational quote for you to achieve a successful day.


The TEENHEALTHNOW app will help you in monitoring your weight every week for any change.


The TEENHEALTHNOW app will help you in monitoring your height every month for any change.


The TEENHEALTHNOW app provides extra workout routines, so you can follow along with a professional through exercises.

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Keep track of the last news on nutrition and health...

The TEENHEALTHNOW newsletter recaps the latest news on nutrition and both mental and physical health. Go to the "Newsletter Tab" to access the newsletter and to be caught up with the newest information on topics related to nutrition and health.

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The Key to Becoming Healthy

Nutritional Guidebook by Krish Patel

The nutritional guidebook by Krish Patel will help you to become healthy through a series of 6 chapters. You will learn why exercising is imperative for the body and the well-known diets used for weight loss, lowering the risk of diseases, and for vegans. Additionally, you will learn why water and rest are important, along with a variety of morning workout routines for the body. Lastly, you will be able to see the equipment that you can use to help exercise and stay healthy.

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