Meet the TEENHEALTHNOW partners.


Everyone in the TEENHEALTHNOW team understands that teenagers have to make an alteration in their lives to be their healthiest selves. This is why the TEENHEALTHNOW partners, who are professionals and organizations in the field of health, nutrition, and fundraising support teenagers all over the world through the TEENHEALTHNOW app.


Meet the Partners...

Dr. Matea Polisoto

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Matea is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor specializing in nutrition and holistic medicine. Trained in both Western medicine and natural therapies, she provides concierge primary care services, with a bicoastal practice in the Los Angeles and Manhattan, New York area. She is sought after by professional athletes, A-list celebrities, and executives in the entertainment industry for her innovative treatments. Her programs include IV vitamin therapy, vitamin injections, nutritional supplements, custom herbal medicines, aromatherapy, individualized diets and meal plans, bodywork and mind-body therapies. She also offers executive health evaluations with the latest advances in functional medicine tests.

Robbie Stahl

CEO of The Fitness Doctor, Kinesiologist

Robbie Stahl is the CEO of The Fitness Doctor. His focus is to help develop a higher-level fitness training system. He is the world's only expert on fitness who helped formulate a system that heals body illnesses and shapes clients who are over 45 years old to athletes. Robbie has a passion for improving the lives of others through a better physical lifestyle. He is a Certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition and Dynamic Movement Assessment. Robbie has over 15,000 hours of academic study and research.

Dr. Sunil Patel

CEO of Prime Heart, Cardiologist

Dr. Sunil Patel is the CEO of Prime Heart, which is a practice in New Jersey which assists patients who are at risk of a vast amount of different cardiovascular diseases. He helps patients improve their physical health through instructing various sets of disease prevention techniques such as a great diet and exercise. Dr. Patel has board certifications in nuclear cardiology, cardiovascular diseases, and internal medicine and many publications throughout his career. He specializes in invasive cardiology, noninvasive cardiology, internal medicine, and many others. 

Robin Lynch

Nutritionist, Dietitian

Robin Lynch is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist that focuses her practice on the balance of wellness with clean eating, activity, and stress management. She has completed Level I and II certificates in Adult Weight-loss management while helping her clients and patients deal with a variety of health concerns from heart disease and Diabetes to Gastrointestinal issues and inflammation. Robin shares her passion for food and life through her individual and group counseling.

John Te

CEO of Execution Fitness, Personal Trainer

Personal training since 2013. Over the years I’ve learned educating yourself and being consistent is key. Many people believe false information without researching themselves, which leads to little or no results, frustration and ultimately not taking their health seriously. You owe to yourself and your family to take care of the one body you have, your decisions do not just impact you.

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The International Young Leaders Council

Team of Young Activists

The International Young Leaders Council, a team founded by Aanya Shah, consists of a cadre of young activists who embrace multiple ideas and ways of raising funds and visibility for the children on the streets of India. The goal of this council is to come up with creative fundraiser ideas and ways to connect with the children abroad. These could include making birthday cards for the impoverished children, sending them videos, and even teaching various classes including how to speak English. Members of the board will be actively involved in helping the children in India through reciprocal empowerment and creativity.